Per user revenue.
Anything but an average.

Telco Grade Marketing

Enjoy Revenue enhancement, Customer lifecycle management, Cost reduction,
Partnering with Telcos to drive P&L impact based on deep customer analytics.

Partnership for Revenue

Turnkey partnership models to deliver P&L Impact. We work with Telcos to enhance revenues earned from their customers. We
invest upfront with no CAPEX outlay for our
partners,plus provide cost reduction through our experience and scale.

Priceless insight through Deep Data Analytics.

We arm our partners with Analysis of
MVAS/Data Penetration, Device capabilities, DND filters
and customer consent and Real time charging & provisioning.

Loyalty through Customer Lifecycle Management

We provide Loyalty platforms for both users & retailers.
We manage the retailer engagement programme of one the leading operators in India,
covering 1.3 million enrolled merchants

Intelligent Upselling

We help Telcos by using network footprint and voluntary profile information of each customer to help better their experience on the network. We let the Telco - customers discover better suited offers and help them upgrade effortlessly at the same time.

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