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Paytm in News this month

19 May 2014 by Smita

Paytm has been in the news this month for many reasons. Here’s a summary:

Economic Times: Mobile Internet Services Firm One97 earmarks Rs. 150 Cr for Buyouts. Check out how this will help Paytm here

Financial Express: Mobile Wallet picks up Steam
Vijay Shekhar Sharma shares how Paytm’s focus on mobile gives it an edge in customer experience, here.

Financial Chronicle: E-Commerce firms to minimize COD Process
Deepak Abbot talks about how partnering with banks has been of advantage to Paytm here

Your Story: Paytm becomes the largest digital commerce company in India, reports 350% growth in 2013 over 2012. Read it here

The Economic Times: Paytm aims to double mobile user base by year-end
Read it here.

The Times of India: Paytm aims to double mobile user base by year-end
Read here

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Paytm is hiring Node.js Engineers

29 April 2014 by Smita

We are seeking Node.js ninjas to work on the new experiences we are crafting across our marketplace, payments, merchant, partners, consumer, and developer while ensuring high availability and extreme reliability of our high volume transactional systems. If you think you have it in you, write to us with your CV at,

The position will develop / maintain / upgrade the ServerSide for our products and will have: Continue Reading →

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Paytm is hiring in Engineering

15 April 2014 by Smita

Paytm is moving ahead with such a speed that joining its engineering team now means a ride to excellence! Our team, drawn from the best product companies, is obsessive in its detailing and our focus is on awesome User Interaction.

So if you come armed with the relevant skills, experience, passion, motivation and problem solving capabilities, choose and apply for our engineering vacancies below. Write to us with your CV at

1. Front End Engineers
2. Back End Engineers
3. Java Engineers
4. Cloud Engineers

Continue Reading →

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The ‘One’ in One97 Series: Harinder Takhar, CEO, Paytm

25 April 2012 by Sangeetha Iyer

We are starting the ‘One’ in One97 series this week. Here you will get a glimpse of the one person who is responsible for driving change within One97 Company & its people. Who better than to start with the CEO of Paytm, Harinder Takhar.

Harinder Takhar is a man with a mission. Armed with his weaponry – unflinching passion and a decade of experience in strategy and product management – he is the one with “audacious goals” for Paytm.

His workday starts with a customary “chai” before he goes for his morning ritual of meeting his people. “I love to spend most of my time communicating with my employees, to remove any hindrance that they face,” he smiles, but quickly adds, “ I guess I am here to ease everyone’s job so that we can inch closer to achieving our big dream for Paytm.”

Harinder represents a new league of CEOs who combine the business of e-commerce with the astuteness of sound people management. “My employees are my strength. They are agile, restless and hungry for innovation, and maniacal in a good way,” he cheerily confesses.

“I would like to single out one particular incident that happened sometime back. We all know at 211 degrees, water is hot, and at 212 degrees Fahrenheit it not only boils but also becomes steam (and with steam you can power many things). At Paytm, we were struggling at 211 degrees and were not able to launch the brand-new website, and needed just that extra degree to create ‘magic’. We were so close to being truly excellent and yet far away – then all of a sudden we arrived at the magical 212 degrees and a massive state change happened,” he says proudly.

There is something splendidly candid about Harinder and his style of leadership. In his own words, “ I am not the stereotypical kind, never go for the run-of-the-mill stuff. I may not have grand dreams for myself now, but when I am there, I will have it in my stride.” A determined man, Harinder believes “Paytm is in a stage where everyone is doing much more than they are capable of and there is this positive energy that synergises one and all”.

Talking about synergy, Harinder emphasises the importance and impact of music in the One97 family. “Right from the morning till the end of the day, you can hear music in the background ranging from an Amitabh Bachchan song of the 70s to the latest retro and fusion number.”

In fact, he thinks “music and spontaneous off-the-office activities like river-rafting trips (within the One97 family) enhances productivity and rejuvenates employees in a big way”.

With a sparkle in his eyes, he says, “I am enthused about everything – right from blending my personal space with my office to spending alone time doing nothing. During my free time, I enjoy running to music and outside just to keep my sanity.”

For someone with that top-ranked status, Harinder is humility personified. Having lived in different countries, ‘being adaptive’ comes naturally to him. But, when you ask him what he feels about the One97 family, he says nonchalantly, “ all of us are happy, always challenging the status quo and not fixated with assumptions – this place is definitely not for everyone.”

Of course, Harinder is not just anyone. He’s the one who’s calling the shots and treading on uncharted territory… forever!

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PayTM @ Airtel IT Cosmos

07 September 2010 by AnythingButAverage

We are delighted to be showcasing PayTM under ‘Ease and Innovation’ at the two-day IT Cosmos at Airtel Gurgaon center on 9th and 10th September. is the ultimate instant mobile recharge destination for customers of Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Idea, Tata Indicom, BSNL, Aircel, MTS, Tata Docomo, Uninor, Loop Mobile, Videocon, Virgin Mobile, STel and Etisalat.

Do follow PayTM on the Facebook and Twitter fan pages!

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