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Paytm in News this month

19 May 2014 by Smita

Paytm has been in the news this month for many reasons. Here’s a summary:

Economic Times: Mobile Internet Services Firm One97 earmarks Rs. 150 Cr for Buyouts. Check out how this will help Paytm here

Financial Express: Mobile Wallet picks up Steam
Vijay Shekhar Sharma shares how Paytm’s focus on mobile gives it an edge in customer experience, here.

Financial Chronicle: E-Commerce firms to minimize COD Process
Deepak Abbot talks about how partnering with banks has been of advantage to Paytm here

Your Story: Paytm becomes the largest digital commerce company in India, reports 350% growth in 2013 over 2012. Read it here

The Economic Times: Paytm aims to double mobile user base by year-end
Read it here.

The Times of India: Paytm aims to double mobile user base by year-end
Read here

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Completing a journey(@nasscom_emerge), to resume another(@one97)…

01 March 2012 by Avinash Raghava

Have you observed a Banyan tree closely? As a fig, it starts its life rather small but with time, it branches out into areas which you’d normally think was inaccessible. If an analogy be drawn – nature with human relationships, then my deep acquaintance with Vijay Sekhar Sharma(VSS), be expressed such. We go a long way back.

My son(Ekansh) was born in the year 2000, a Millennium baby and I was inclined to do something different to make it a memorable moment in time. Something, which he would look back as an adult and appreciate that his papa did for him. Something, which was close to his father and a form of expression which would emanate from it. With this thought, I struck upon the idea of getting a domain name registered and hosted in the name of Ekansh (the Dot com Kid)– my son. But, as is the case with most things in life, nobility of thought needs to be backed by execution to make it worthwhile. It is in execution, that I faced an uphill task. At this juncture, VSS came in to my life like a gentle breeze and has been ventilating it ever since. He helped me in registering the domain and subsequently hosting it on the web server. Ekansh is a growing boy of 12 and on the threshold of his teens. His, is a generation that is steeped in technology, but one day I am sure, and when he is old enough, he will appreciate this gesture. Not only what his I did for him, but that a close associate of papa actually helped him in process.

In the early days, One97 operated out of its office in Siri Fort Road in Delhi and we would occasionally bump into each other. There were social interactions and professional ones too and over the years we had several opportunities to strike a friendship. Usual tidbits which at that point in time seemed trivial but only went on to cement this bond, which eventually opened a whole new door for me. At a professional level, in 2009-2010 he addressed the41st EMERGE Friday’s 2.0 sessions and I can tell you, it was simply invigorating. The obvious passion came out so well, that it moved the participants. That passion also reflects the way he runs One97. He was also part of the Mentorship program that NASSCOM has been conducting over the past few years. Vijay was being mentored by a panel of very experienced professionals in the industry. I was there. For me, being a neutral bystander, it was an experience of sorts. It was one of those rare occasions when I realized that mentors were sitting on both sides of the table. At times, it became difficult to make a distinction.

Clichéd as it may sound, but all good things do come to an end. How else, does one grow otherwise. After spending a decade at NASSCOM and having witnessed the winds of change several times, I will be going back to working for an “organization.” The third in my life so far. The earlier two – Trisoft Systems and DSF Internet taught me the ropes and NASSCOM of course made me who I am today. I will be joining One97 and looking after their Corporate Development function, as well as the start-up eco system initiative, that Vijay is very passionate about.

Let me reiterate, the Banyan tree (human relationships) does branch out in more ways than one, imaginable.

I really like this quote which shows up on the One97 site: Once in a lifetime, God gives us an opportunity to create a dent in the universe, This is Ours.

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Upwardly mobile trends

17 February 2012 by Smita

Mobile Marketing is coming of age in India! We have been around in this space for about a decade, watching, doing and learning. We will keep sharing our insights and point of view through this section.

This is our first post: Upwardly mobile trends

Incredible India is about to get more incredible with 1billion mobile subscribers, 50million mobile internet users, 32million smartphone users. Based on what we have seen and learnt, we would like to share with you the top mobile trends for marketers in 2012, with our recommendations.

Continue Reading →

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Crystallizing ideas and visions for Mobile, Internet Entrepreneurs

23 August 2010 by AnythingButAverage

This year, the prime objective of the NASSCOM EMERGEOUT Conclave is to understand: “What it takes to build a successful mobile, internet company from India?”

The challenges and opportunities that an internet entrepreneur faces are huge. It is a pertinent exercise to understand what it takes to operate a successful digital business and also to realize the evolution process and latest trends of the mobile internet. Is it profitability or is it market share – what comes first? Start ups need to answer these questions. These sessions of brainstorming will benefit the participants to take back a great deal of ideas in their briefcases, to shape and re-shape their objectives and company visions. The Conclave will also aid in recognizing new funding strategies for SMEs.

Industry leaders will also discuss the next set of mobile applications that one should watch out for! So, become a part of the action since We’ll be there!

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One97 Hosts Mobile Monday

16 July 2010 by TalktoOne97

Telecom industry always generates lot of interest and regular get-togethers in terms of events, conferences, etc go a long way in ensuring there’s continuous networking that takes place.

Mobile Monday (MoMo) is one such forum which brings together mobile enthusiasts, developers, technologists, business folks, entrepreneurs to discuss the industry trends. Continue Reading →

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