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Paytm in News this month

19 May 2014 by Smita

Paytm has been in the news this month for many reasons. Here’s a summary:

Economic Times: Mobile Internet Services Firm One97 earmarks Rs. 150 Cr for Buyouts. Check out how this will help Paytm here

Financial Express: Mobile Wallet picks up Steam
Vijay Shekhar Sharma shares how Paytm’s focus on mobile gives it an edge in customer experience, here.

Financial Chronicle: E-Commerce firms to minimize COD Process
Deepak Abbot talks about how partnering with banks has been of advantage to Paytm here

Your Story: Paytm becomes the largest digital commerce company in India, reports 350% growth in 2013 over 2012. Read it here

The Economic Times: Paytm aims to double mobile user base by year-end
Read it here.

The Times of India: Paytm aims to double mobile user base by year-end
Read here

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Ring tone with a difference

25 September 2008 by Farheen

You wake up one morning and see the Company’s name in the paper and begin wondering where did they hear about it and then from the back lanes of memory ( and in this case a reminder from the PR agency!) you realise …aha! this is from that press statement we made a month or so ago (read my post of August 5). Thats the beauty and bane of working in a company with the motto of embracing change and innovating fast!

Surprise over…lets get back to the real story. With mobile users getting more savy and demanding one needs to keep innovating and coming up with service offerings that are out of the box, entertaining, informative and ” user friendly”. With this thought in mind we at One97 are happy to report that our offererings where users can choose what they want and when they want have been well accepted. This story in Financial Express has featured our Video Ring Back and Ring Forwad Tones, our allinace with Vringo and more. Click here to read more.

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Showcasing Entrepreneurship | Vijay Shekhar Sharma

19 August 2008 by Farheen

A lot of people often wonder why we are called One97 and how did we pick this niche to operate in? What makes Vijay take the decisions does? Why has he taken One97 on this journey …. etc etc …. Attempting to find answers to these questions I spent a lot of time searching through the archives. It gave me a feeler of what has been said and written about One97 and the man behind it. It was an interesting journery and I thought about sharing the same with others. Its remarkable how different people with different styles of writing have managed to capture the spirit of the organisation and Vijay’s thoughts about the same.  The first of the articles posted here is about a year old from a section in Financial Express called ” Showcasing Entrepreneurship”  and the headline reads “Cashing in on Cellphone Content” will give you an insight on how and why Vijay started the company  and tracks ome of the earlier stages of evolution of the company ( and Vijay too!!).  Link to the article

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