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Are you ready for the mobile web?

25 July 2012 by Smita

40mn users browsing internet on feature phones, Smartphones and tablets is a huge potential according to Rajan Anandan of Google India, and that means it’s important to have an effective mobile website in order to stay competitive. While mobile apps can create a highly interactive online experience, they aren’t a substitute for mobile web browsing. Apps still require an initial software download. The mobile web is everywhere.

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The ‘One’ in One97 Series: Srinivas Mothey Head of Mobile Marketing

04 July 2012 by Sangeetha Iyer

Srinivas Mothey is not your average office-goer. He is infact a superstar achiever who has changed the face of mobile marketing in One97 – for the better. And, he is fast emerging as one of the top performers in the company.

His remarkable journey began nine years ago when after an MBA he decided to start something of his own. “I didn’t want to take up a job, I started my own company with two IITians and we created a product for about three years and that itself was challenging enough.

“After we sold this start-up, I briefly moved into Yahoo Search Engine and then to an advertising agency called Interactive Avenues. In a little more than three years, I could successfully expand the business to search engines and analytics and the revenues to about 6 million US dollars, and took the company to becoming the number 1 search engine in India,” he says with a glint of happiness.

Srinivas’ enthusiasm for excellence and perfection is reflected even in the way he approaches things. With planned precision, he has carved a niche for himself in his eventful career. However, One97 was a happy accident for this go-getter who took on this challenge of heading the mobile marketing division.

“I was at the right place at the right time. Mobile marketing was at its nascent stage when we saw a huge opportunity in it. Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s (MD of One97) vision married with mine, and I had a great chance to look after this business like a start-up and do it my way,” he says with a sparkle of delight in his eyes.

Always sensing the right opportunities, Srinivas quickly took the mobile marketing business in the mainstream to the companies and showed them how effectively it could be used in everyday scheme of things. “We ventured into the B2B segment and created awareness with the big companies how they could use One97 as a powerful mobile marketing platform for their brands.

“The big pay off has been that under a year, with hardwork and consistent practical examples shown to them, the brands that we are servicing have grown from merely 4 to 40 brands in India and are still scaling much higher,” he says with a big smile but quickly adds, “This is a big achievement for us. Revenues have grown by 200% since last year and there is revenue sustenance as well. And, very importantly, I have a kickass team that is superb in creating awareness and reaching to the maximum number of brands.”

Srinivas believes that he owes his big moments to new thoughts and ideas that are being generated on a continual basis as well as to how beautifully he and his team have been able to integrate mobile marketing with that of other mediums such as radio, TV and print.

So, what is his mantra for motivating his team and himself? Says Srinivas with a calm demeanour, “Everytime we see excitement in the face of an advertiser or a brand, we feel more confident about how good our product is and of course, since the money spent on mobile marketing has increased – that in itself is a huge incentive for us to reach greater heights.”

He continues further, “One97 is the leader in this space now and our ambition is not only to cover the entire breadth in mobile marketing space, but also to be an evangelist for others.”

Apart from being passionate about his work, Srinivas is a music aficianado and particularly adores long drives. When he is not travelling for work, he loves to travel for leisure and enjoys learning from everyday good things. Sincere in approach and confident in his ability to foresee challenges and convert them into opportunities, he doesn’t revel in his current achievements only, in fact he likes to stay a few steps ahead of the game.

Srinivas represents a new league of leaders who take pride in the One97 culture of openness and intrapreneurship. “There are a number of cultural activities that make our work-life colourful and exciting – for example, competitive events such as arranging desks in the most innovative manner bring out the hidden creativity in people which otherwise might have remained untapped,” he signs off.

Of course, Srinivas is not just innovative and creative, he also has a razor sharp mind and knows exactly what needs to be done next. Just like his role-model, Steve Jobs, he always stays ahead of the herd.

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Mobile coupons: A great tool for mobile marketing

03 April 2012 by Smita

Mobile coupons offer an excellent opportunity for marketers to appeal to users on the go, and to drive them to take an action (e.g. come to the store, login to a website or become a social media member or buy a product or receive special discounts etc.)

There are ways for some companies to offer coupons to users, which can be downloaded to their phones and can be scanned at, check out (e.g. A redeemable coupon of x brand if printed out on a paper, which can be scanned at Big bazaar outlet for a freebie at the counter)

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Upwardly mobile trends

17 February 2012 by Smita

Mobile Marketing is coming of age in India! We have been around in this space for about a decade, watching, doing and learning. We will keep sharing our insights and point of view through this section.

This is our first post: Upwardly mobile trends

Incredible India is about to get more incredible with 1billion mobile subscribers, 50million mobile internet users, 32million smartphone users. Based on what we have seen and learnt, we would like to share with you the top mobile trends for marketers in 2012, with our recommendations.

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