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At Paytm, I’m free, and I have my balance: Aadhar Agarwal

06 June 2014 by Smita

Recently, our young and dynamic Aadhar Agarwal got featured in Your Story in the Awesome Startup Employee series. You can read the whole article here, but we are happy to bring you some excerpts:


Aadhar Agarwal

There is a small table placed on top of his regular work desk! It is because he enjoys being on his feet at all times. 

Post 8 pm, he takes a team call, checks emails, watches videos on youtube and then after a quick walk around the office gets back to work.

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Delhi, Go Vote!

04 December 2013 by Smita

For all the times we have been angry about things not being the way they should; or raving mad at how those who should lead are more concerned about greed; for all the times our helplessness has taken away our peace – this is our one chance to stand up, say something. This is our one chance to be heard.










Of course every vote counts. Your vote counts. You will lead India to awesomeness. You will recharge a nation. We are counting on you!

Don’t give up your right, don’t falter in your duty. Please cast your vote in Delhi elections today.


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An Appeal for Donation to Paytm’s Uttarakhand Relief Fund

28 June 2013 by Smita

The Uttarakhand disaster has shaken us! We are doing something to help and seek your support with it.

Paytm has set up a donation drive to help victims of Uttarakhand Floods disaster. It will match your donations rupee for rupee and send this money to the Uttarakhand Chief Minister’s official relief fund. For details and latest news on this drive please visit Paytm’s official blog here.


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“Incredible India- My first year in god’s own country”: Antje

26 December 2012 by Tajesvita

(As told to me)

One thing I can say. You can never be prepared for India. No travel books, documentaries, articles or blogs can prepare you for an experience so different from the Western world. And by saying so, I don’t mean the food, smells, air pollution and climate…. I mean a society with a thinking that is upside down from how we live in Europe, how I was brought up; I can’t paint a rosy picture. A lot of my friends found it very exotic that I moved to India. Some of my family members, business associates and friends thought I was crazy. “You’re moving where?” they would ask.


First after my arrival the vendors selling their goods on pushcarts, spicy foods, cows in our neighborhood streets and the harassment from beggars were all part of a barrage on my senses. India was too loud, too colorful, too noisy. But after a few months, I discovered that this is what I love. I never was sick of all the dirty marketplaces that fill the streets of Delhi Truth was, I wasn’t used to a total different lifestyle with maids, and drivers..or to put in better words, a class system which you can’t see so openly in the everyday European life. A culture shock is a definite reality. Everything was an adjustment for me.

I experienced many challenging situations in a country that is beautiful even if the rapes and murder cases, or political scams in the newspapers don’t reveal that in the first place. I discovered this beauty slowly. By observing people in the metro, interacting with them at the marketplaces, working with them and having a family here.

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Our Green Initiative

12 November 2012 by Smita

People go green with envy; we went green with love!

Our love for Mother Nature overtook our need for convenience during the Go Green Week observed at the Noida office from 2nd to 8th November. During this campaign, a call was given to just make a few adjustments in daily routine.












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My phone is my extension

27 January 2009 by Smita

Yesterday’s Times of India had a piece on how people are using their cellphones in their kitchens! You can read the article here

Now doesn’t it say a lot about the versatility of the little instrument? Imagine carrying a laptop around the house; or when you go somewhere outside – anywhere. Real life examples: At one time I was stuck in the backlanes of Goa in the night after extensive partying. Had it not been for the maps on the cellphone of a friend and our most capable guide, we would have been lost. Then again, there are times in the cold winters, when I don’t want to leave the warmth of my blankets, and yet check that important mail.

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