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25 May 2012 by Smita

We are a jet-setting lot. Yes we are!

Why else would we interview in London, decide in Rio, hire in New York and induct in Toronto?

Our review meetings take place sometimes in Geneva and at other times in Jerusalem. San Francisco is the favourite destination for our high level meetings. We chill in Chicago and thaw in Jaisalmer. Sometimes when we are in the mood, we get our coffee delivered in Cape Town, and noodles in Shanghai. We receive our visitors in Rome. Mumbai remains our financial capital, but we like to discuss financial matters sometimes down under in Sydney.

Our reach extends from Washington to Tokyo; our reign is from Ohio to KL. We begin our mornings in Zurich and end our days in Istanbul.

And this is irrespective of the value of Rupee against Dollar or Euro and what-not. Know why? Because we are the ones!

Get the drift now? LOL! Our meeting rooms and cabins are named after great cities of the world. All of these have one thing in common. They host some famous festivals and celebrations in the world.

Hold on! Before you smile this away, one more thing. This could be a seed-sowing. The places mentioned here may not be so out of reach as they seem.

We are already in Africa, Middle East and South East Asia. For real, of course. Our footprint is all set to grow.

The skillet is ready, spices stewing, and the world is our oyster. 🙂



P.S.: I am celebrating my birthday in London next month. Who wants to join? 😛

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  1. Roshni says:

    This is called CROSS MARKETING !!