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Women and Work @One97

09 May 2012 by Sangeetha Iyer

The role of a woman can never really be grasped fully…whether she is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife and other things. Today’s woman all over the world and especially in developing countries like India has transcended beyond the traditional. She is a politician, a CEO, an investment banker, an entrepreneur and a cultural icon. She wears many hats with ease and can be the primary bread winner in her family.

Things are looking very bright when it comes to women’s status and empowerment in the One97 company. While they may still not be at the top of the hierarchy here, many wonderful things are happening around them.

Echoing Tajesvita Chopra and Snigdha Bhattacharjee’s thoughts, “The working environment at One97 is super friendly – the team spirit is fantastic, people are helpful, management is supportive, one has the much needed space for oneself. No gender discrimination is ever done and there are almost an equal number of ladies as men in Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s (MD of One97) immediate cabinet.”

Undoubtedly, One97 is a great place for women according to Manasa “as here women dignity is respected high and they have the liberty to express their views in all respects”.

Smita Rajan goes a step further and adds, “One97 gives good vibes as soon as you enter the door. People are nice and the positive energy floating around makes me feel quite happy at work. The sounds of laughter and music – all add up to the whole experience that One97 has become.”

Being a woman is Nature’s greatest gift and as a modern-day woman I can empathise with all of the above comments. I think one of the biggest motivations to work in a company is the level of feasibility it allows its women counterparts.

Smita reaffirms my thoughts and says she is ecstatic about One97’s flexibility especially towards women. “Over the last five years, if there is one thing I can point to, it would have to be flexibility. When my son was younger, there would be things such as vaccinations and sickness; I have never felt One97 going tough on me, the only thing is work should be done. They wouldn’t dictate how it has to be done.”

Manasa couldn’t agree more, “ I am a Bharatnatyam dancer and One97 has only encouraged me to grow. Whenever there has been stage shows, I have never felt work has been a hurdle. On the contrary, they have bent backwards to accommodate to keep my passion alive.”

Adding more credence to this are Kanika Bains, Liza Gogoi Marandi and Deepa Tandon.They believe that the culture in One97 is “simply brilliant, vibrant and totally something else”.

“People are young and ready to learn new things, they are creative and very transparent. We are given the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them rather than just follow blindly. This makes us not only grow as professionals but also as people. And, very importantly, this is a happy and safe place to work. ”

From all of the above, my understanding is these remarkable ladies at One97 are responsible for a lot of fun quotient in the company. They all concur together, “Celebrating Women’s day and birthday bashes require a special mention. We participate in spellbinding and rejuvenating activities and that is what blends into higher productivity and happier workplace. We have events round the year including the annual function and frequent outings which allow us to take charge and drive things within One97.”

So the question now is since most women at One97 are happy and assertive individuals, what more can be done to empower them even better? Kanika and Liza believe, “There’s a need to hire more women and place them in responsible positions. It will be great to look up to women leaders within One97 as they can bring such colourful ideas to the table.”

Agrees Deepa Tandon, “I think women play their role very efficiently and effectively here. Further enrichment would be toppings.”

To sum this all up, women are natural leaders simply because they have a lot of patience and are great multitaskers as well. They exactly know when to exercise firmness and when to be kind. Because they are sensible and sensitive to other’s needs, any organisation has to have women leaders in their company.

Great women trailblazers and pioneers such as Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Indra Nooyi of Pepsico, Dr Sudha Murthy of Infosys, Dr Kiran Bedi are all superb role models for generations of women to come. Here’s hoping that many women from One97 follow their passion and realise their grand dreams.

Sangeetha Iyer is a writer at One97 Communications and has seen several pieces of her work published in the UK and India. Apart from being an avid traveller and a food aficianado, she enjoys creating imaginary story characters with her daughter.

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  1. John Matthew says:

    Nice to know of the working culture of One97. However, in many companies I have worked (real estate) women are not even given salutary benefits like maternity leave. Their only option is to leave the job when they get pregnant. I think companies should understand the lot of women, only then can emancipation happen.