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WaveSecure your phone!

03 February 2010 by Vijay Shekhar

As a smartphone user you must have had what-if-i-loose-this-phone moment. You are worried about all pictures, video and documents you keep on your device. Next you think: how will you get those calendar / sms/ address book/ and that imp number still in call register.

Voila ! You have solution at hand. WaveSecure.

I absolutely love the possibility of controlling your device remotely. Lock it, Track it, Wipe it and yes get backup/restore done so easily. Check the video in Darius of TenCube’s voice.

This app is available to download from Ovi / Andriod / WinMo app stores. Here are few interesting links and videos of wavesecure. Tencube had won Google’s Global Android Developer Challenge .

Singtel created this video to explain their users about it.

And finally dont miss NY Times review of WaveSecure as App of week.

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